My work is concerned with the relationship of humanity and nature.  I conceive of an expanded concept of “Nature” as embodying all existence, both the seen and unseen, socio-political events, daily occurrences, as well as private intuitions that are made concrete through creative action.  My objects are places of remembrance where multiplicities of associations take place.  Their function is that of contemplation and the transmission of the energy contained within them.    Through additive and subtractive manipulation, the sculptures evolve to where a combination of vision and intent project a final resolution.  This process is one of discovery where the known (history) and intuition come in to play.  One enters in to the dialogue of energies brought into being within a specific moment of time.  
Most recently these have been concerned with issues of the human condition.  Often the resultant forms are discovered as though they were pre-existent, and my own actions are simply to reveal their inherent truth.    Releasing the sculpture to the fire of the wood-burning kiln is yet one more step in the transformation of the object.  It has taken on the transmission of elemental forces, which radiate to the viewer all that it has become and may further become through time.  My concern within this realm of possibilities is where the object’s primary function is the expansion of awareness.