Some notes on “Flower of the Godchild”

In the title of this work I was thinking of God and child as two entities, but child as also god-like.  Children represent an essence of purity and innocence, perhaps vulnerability, requiring our protection.  But, are we not all children and in Christian theology “in the image of god”? A “godchild” is a child we may be ordained to care for, to be responsible for as a godparent, although in a secular view the individual/s may be chosen by the parent to take an interest in the child’s wellbeing — to care for the child if anything should happen.  Though abstract, the sculpture might be viewed as a shrine, a place of contemplation or remembrance.  Within a presidium, molten glass flows, as water or energy, into a well.  Growth-forms rise.  Another form is open.  Perhaps, all evocative of the cyclical nature of giving and receiving: a moment in time.  On the other side, energy flows down a jagged cliff.

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